There are many reasons a person might consider conversion to Judaism. Individuals who are seeking sacred meaning in their lives may find that Judaism speaks to their need for spiritual connection and community.  Often, interreligious marriages spark curiosity and a desire in the non-Jewish partners to share the religion of their spouse. Similarly, when an interfaith couple decides to raise children, the non-Jew may initially decide to explore Judaism in order to seek a common religious grounding for the family. Each of these reasons is a valid beginning to a Jewish journey.

Judaism does not view itself as the only path to a meaningful life, but rather respects the integrity of other religious beliefs, as well as the convictions of those who opt for no religion. At the same time, it is an open religion that readily accepts and encourages those who look to Judaism for fulfillment and guidance in confronting the challenges of life.

Because of Judaism’s view that there are many ways to live a meaningful life, conversion to Judaism is not seen as necessary for each person, but rather as a potential way of living. As a result, individuals are not pressured to convert to Judaism. Even after a course of study, if an individual does not feel conversion is right for him or her, there is no expectation to do so.

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