Library News

The Library Committee is a very rewarding and painless way of getting to know temple members, and learn how the temple works.  Being a member of the Library Committee is a very minimal commitment of time–just one session of religious school each month, at your convenience. The Library has wonderful books that are of Jewish interest.  We don’t have the diverse collection of the public library, however, we are devoted to supporting the religious school, and the Jewish-related interests of our members, faculty, Rabbi and Cantor. 

Some wonderful new books that have just arrived at the Library, thanks to the generosity of our members, are:

Modern History  by Joseph Telushkin.  Telushkin’s father was the accountant for both the Rebbe and his father-law, & Telushskin’s grandfather was an intimate of both Rebbes.  This enabled his the best biography of the Lubuvitcher (Chabad) Rebbe to date.

A Bintel Brief:  Love and Longing in Old New York by Finck. This was the title of the long-running advice to the lovelorn column  published in the Daily Forward, and created by the celebrated editor of that paper,  Abraham Cahan.  Helps to recreate the gone bye era.

Sadie’s Lag Ba’Omer Mystery by Korngold.  Sadie & her little brother, Ori, discover the
history & traditions of this seemingly mysterious holiday.

Hanukkah Bear by Kimmel.  This is a revised version of The Chanukkah Guest, published in 1990.  It has shorter text, much needed and great new illustrations, winner of the National Jewish Book Award.

 When Sarah Laughed by Magrisso.  A retelling of Abraham and Sarah’s story in which God promises them a child, despite their advanced ages.  Full double page spreads in rich jewel-like tones accompany perfectly targeted language – – – a National Jewish Book Award  Finalist

Come and join us, by e-mailing us at Teddy Fine:, or
Mala Lawrence: or come and browse and take out a book to enrich your life.